Discovering the World’s Rarest Praying Mantis Species!

Step into the mesmerizing realm of praying mantises, a world where diversity knows no bounds. With over 2400 known species, these remarkable insects come in all shapes and sizes. From very large praying mantises to tiny marvels, the mantids world showcases a remarkable spectrum of sizes. But today, we embark on a journey to uncover the rarest praying mantis species that exist

Rarest praying mantis species

Within the vast realm of praying mantises, there exists a realm of rarity and exclusivity. While many mantis species have gained recognition and popularity, there are those that remain elusive and rarely encountered. These rarest praying mantis species captivate our imagination with their unique characteristics, wide spectrum of colors, and fascinating adaptations.

1. Dragon Mantis (Stenophylla Lobivertex)

Commonly known as the Dragon Mantis, this species earns its name from its remarkable resemblance to a mythical dragon. With a flattened body and intricate details, it possesses an enchanting allure that captures the imagination. Native to the tropical regions of South and Central America, this species also finds its home in select areas of Puerto Rico, Florida, and Hawaii.

However, the Dragon Mantis remains an elusive gem in both the natural world and among mantis enthusiasts, adding an air of mystery and rarity to its already mesmerizing presence.

2. Zooela genus (Unicorn Mantis)

In December 2017, a team of biologists from Project Mantis, led by Leonardo Lanna and funded by the National Geographic Society, embarked on a six-day expedition in the enchanting forests of Régua. Their mission was to uncover the hidden wonders of mantises thriving in this pristine habitat. The outcome surpassed all expectations, as Régua unveiled its status as a biodiversity hotspot for mantises in the Atlantic Forest.

Among their remarkable discoveries, the team stumbled upon what appears to be a new and yet undescribed species of unicorn mantis from the genus Zoolea. This groundbreaking find not only adds to the allure of Régua but emphasizes the significance of continued exploration and conservation efforts in unraveling the mysteries of these rare and extraordinary creatures.

rarest praying mantis

3. Pogonogaster tristani (moss mantis)

In the early days of August 2012, a remarkable encounter took place high in the mountains of central Costa Rica. Amidst the lush greenery, photographer Oscar Blanco stumbled upon a minuscule creature that captivated his attention—an extraordinary praying mantis. Cloaked in leaf-like protrusions, this magnificent insect flawlessly blended with its mossy surroundings, showcasing nature’s unparalleled mastery of disguise. It’s called Pogonogaster tristani, aka Moss Mantis. It is truly astonishing that Blanco’s keen eye was able to spot this elusive creature amidst the dense foliage.

4. Sinomantis Denticulata (glass mantis)

Sinomantis denticulata, commonly known as the Glass Mantis, is a highly sought-after and rare mantis species that showcases nature’s delicate artistry. This captivating mantis, native to China, possesses a unique allure with its glass imitating look and intricate wings resembling those of lacewings. Measuring just around an inch in length, the Glass Mantis is a true gem of the insect world.

rare praying mantis


In the vast and fascinating world of praying mantises, rare species hold a special allure. From the Dragon Mantis to the Moss Mantis and the Glass Mantis, these elusive creatures captivate our imagination with their unique characteristics and stunning beauty. As we explore the depths of this rarest praying manitses, we gain a deeper appreciation for the intricate wonders of nature.

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