world's biggest praying mantis?

Whats the world’s biggest praying mantis?

Dive into the mysterious and enthralling realm of praying mantises, where size and survival intertwine in a fascinating dance. We set out on a thrilling exploration to solve a tantalizing mystery: Which species is world’s biggest praying mantis? Get ready for a journey that will take you through the hidden corners of nature, revealing the astonishing size and distinctive traits of these majestic insects.

world's biggest praying mantis

How big can they get?

With over 2400 species inhabiting our planet, praying mantises exhibit a fascinating array of sizes. While most mantises measure around 2 to 5 inches (5 to 12 centimeters) in length, there are impressive specimens that command attention. These giants of the mantis world can reach sizes of 6 to 7 inches (15 to 18 centimeters), earning them the title of the biggest mantises. From the breathtaking dimensions of the world’s biggest praying mantis species to the awe-inspiring diversity within this remarkable insect family, join us on a journey to uncover the secrets of these magnificent creatures.

World’s biggest praying mantis

When it comes to identifying the biggest praying mantises in the world, it’s a challenging task considering the staggering number of species, surpassing 2400 globally. However, certain remarkable mantises have garnered attention for their awe-inspiring size and captivating presence. Here’s a list of notable contenders for the title of the world’s biggest mantises:

These mantis species have gained recognition for their substantial dimensions, earning them a place among the largest mantises ever recorded.

1. Toxodera denticulata – Guiness Record holder

Toxodera denticulata, a majestic praying mantis species, is renowned for its remarkable size, holding the Guinness World Record as the world’s largest. Originating from Java, this species is a true giant in the insect world, with a body length that can reach an impressive 20 cm (7.8 inches). Its sheer size and unique features make it a subject of fascination among entomologists and insect enthusiasts alike.

Interestingly, the record held by Toxodera denticulata might soon be challenged. In the dense jungles of Cameroon, a new, yet-to-be-described species has been discovered. Already making waves in the pet trade under the nickname “mega-mantis,” this species is reported to surpass the size of Toxodera denticulata, adding an exciting twist to the world of giant insects.

Additionally, there are whispers of an even larger praying mantis lurking in the rainforests of Bolivia and Peru. While these reports are currently unconfirmed, they hint at the possibility of yet another colossal mantis species, potentially setting new records in the future.

world's biggest praying mantis

2. Giant Asian Mantis (Hierodula membranacea)

Originating from the diverse landscapes of Thailand, the Giant Asian Mantis (Hierodula membranacea) is a captivating mantis species that leaves a lasting impression. Adult males of this species typically reach a size of approximately 7.5 centimeters (2.95 inches), while adult females can grow even larger, spanning up to 9.5 centimeters (3.74 inches) in length. With their elongated bodies, mesmerizing coloration, and intriguing behaviors, the Giant Asian Mantis showcases the wonders of the insect world.

large praying mantis

3. Giant African Stick Mantis (Ischnomantis gigas)

The Giant African Stick Mantis (Ischnomantis gigas) is an awe-inspiring mantis species famous for its substantial size and captivating presence. Adult males of this species can grow up to an impressive length of approximately 15 centimeters (5.9 inches), while adult females surpass them in size, reaching an astonishing length of around 17 centimeters (6.7 inches). We should add that this is pretty rare praying mantis species.

world's biggest praying mantis species

4. Mega Mantis (Plistospilota guineensis)

Hailing from the beautiful regions of Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, and Liberia, the Mega Mantis (Plistospilota guineensis) is a true spectacle to behold. This remarkable mantis species showcases impressive dimensions, with adult males measuring around 9 centimeters (3.5 inches) in length. The females, on the other hand, outshine their male counterparts, reaching a magnificent size ranging from approximately 10 to 11 centimeters (3.9 to 4.3 inches). This is also heaviest praying mantis species.

biggest mantis species

5. Chinese Mantis (Tenodera sinensis)

The Chinese Mantis (Tenodera sinensis) takes the spotlight as one of the most impressive mantis species in terms of size. Adult Chinese Mantises can exceed 11 centimeters (4.3 inches) in length, showcasing their commanding presence. In fact, the world’s largest recorded praying mantis belongs to this species. Discovered in Southern China in 1929, it measured an astounding 7.08 inches (18 centimeters) long. With its remarkable size and captivating characteristics, the Chinese Mantis has secured its place as a true giant among its mantis relatives.

world's biggest praying mantis

6. Solygia sulcatifrons

Originating from the diverse landscapes of Burkina Faso, Guinea, and Togo, the Solygia sulcatifrons mantis species leaves a lasting impression with its remarkable size and striking appearance. Adult individuals of this species can reach an impressive length of up to 17.5 centimeters (6.9 inches), making them one of the largest mantises in the world.

Heaviest praying mantis species

The heaviest is a female of the West African Mega Mantis (Plistospilota guineensis) which weighed 13.08 grams


Step into the captivating world of praying mantises as we embark on a quest to uncover the answer to an intriguing question: What’s the world’s biggest praying mantis? Throughout our exploration, we have encountered a diverse array of remarkable species that showcase awe-inspiring sizes and captivating characteristics. From the Giant Asian Mantis with its mesmerizing coloration to the Giant African Stick Mantis with its commanding presence, and from the Mega Mantis with its impressive dimensions to the Chinese Mantis, which holds the record for the largest recorded specimen, the world of mantises never ceases to amaze. Join us on this journey as we unveil the secrets of these magnificent creatures, showcasing the incredible diversity and beauty that exists within the realm of the world’s biggest praying mantises.

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